Week 22-Thought all powerful

A useful thought to ┬áTHINK anew and exchange anger to be channelled to help motivation,guilt and worthlessness as a sign that I care………

The change of the Og chapter which changes the thoughts about how we are all creatures beholden to changes in our feelings and how this fits with the universe.

Weak is the person who allows their mood to govern their thought and strong is the person who allows their thought to govern their mood…..

Balance is all in everything the Og chapter for this month clearly spells out the importance of keeping this balance in all situations and also having respect for other people’s similar situations.

I continue to benefit from these learning points and include and practice them in my daily life.

I continue to greet each day with love in my heart and start each day as if it was my last feeling the joy of each day and what it presents…forgetting the pain of yesterday and the demands of tomorrow which may never happen……..




Week 21-The Power of Silence

Silence provides me with an opportunity to focus and create, to imagine, to communicate with my sub conscious.

Having realised that multi tasking does not provide the opportunity to truly focus as the truth has emerged during the sit.

I am practising focus in a busy world with increasing demands, instructing my sub conscious which is supported by the continuous practice of the exercises.

Some sacred focus time occurs at the beginning of each new day with the first read or hearing of the scroll when I can’t quite focus at some silly o’clock…

My message to my self this week is never drop the practice, the scrolls, the gratitude so, the acts of kindness and if I can think it I can be it and so can everyone else.

Make that quiet time no matter where it has to be in the run of each day……….never loose sight of your goals, keep moving forward particularly on the days when it feels more of a challenge the results are truly amazing……..

Week 20-Multi-tasking

I have almost felt bombarded with so many thoughts to consider this week…and interestingly one of them was the evidence that multi tasking is less productive ?

My conclusion is that my attention is constantly diverted and I need to focus on slowing things down where ever it’s possible.

The instant response provided by all things electronic contributes to an expectation of instant gratification at our finger tips which flies in the face of any item taking more than a few minutes to deal with as being long winded and an opportunity for attention to divert away….

The what am I pretending not to know ? Has provided some interesting answers in various situations this week.

and what would the person I intend to become do next ?…. Is almost certainly what would the person I am do now ?

The planning and priority focus exercise has been immensely useful this week to help stop the diversions from the key important tasks which crucially must take place.

I have once again learned an immense amount this week which is useful in all areas

Of my current life.

My challenge is to finish what I have started and focus on giving……..


Week 19-Understanding my power

I have spent many moments this week in the Wonder Woman pose hands on hips focussed on my strength within.

WOW ! It’s powerful when brought to the fore front of my thoughts-so powerful it’s scary when unleashed in full technicolor. So powerful that it shakes my existence and challenges the remaining dregs of my old blue print in my thoughts …..

Just like any new experience when it first occurs if paramount it lands with a resounding boom… Injesting this new experience into every day life will be an interesting journey once I can govern its flow appropriately and draw on this resource as I am now aware it exists.

Mandino’s live this day as if it’s your last has been incredibly replenishing and feels like good practical common sense…..the phrase which stays in my subby is the fact that I cannot make sand run up hill !! And I have been presented with many opportunities to share this with others of late who have expressed their struggles with

events in their lives that they cannot change.


Week 18-Permission is granted

This week a significant turning point has been giving myself permission to enjoy myself -it sounds rather simple as I write it but the thought is new and profound, one that I have not really absorbed ever.

Enjoyment has happened along in short bursts based on items of aquirement or events and hardly ever extended to each and every day.

Well I am glad to report all that can now change as enjoyment and fun are becoming part of every day opportunities with thought processes surrounding them to maximise and spread that joy.

I am mindful to brush off the cinders as they pop out of many fires before they burn a hole in the rug. Some days this is a real challenge as the fire crackles around me and constantly spits out hot embers.

I continue to celebrate my gratitudes and nice experience recall as well as deliver random kindness, seeing kindness all around.



Week 17-focus on what you want

This week has been immense I have concerntrated my thinking on priorities and exchanged those opposite thoughts with the desired.

I am using my flash cards randomly too first thing in the morning and selecting a dozen from the pack to focus upon-it’s almost like a guide for each new day-and guess what ? Yep I do it now…..

Feels so good……

Thought is a wonderful and powerful gift which we all have available at any time we choose. I am ultimately grateful to celebrate my thought processes, every day.

Franklin’s list is informing another opportunity to focus and proof that focus really pays dividends in each day.

All continues to be an incredible journey with multiple benefits to all like a pebble in a pond it keeps radiating out…..

Week 16-The Begining of Change

Awareness is most certainly the beginning of change !

Franklin makeover exercise is helping me to focus and grow.

To be aware,to realise,to acknowledge, to take responsibility when due is to accept the case in question.

My list of virtues began with courage last week I was surrounded by courageous acts.

This week kindness is all around and effort to ensure random acts of anonymous kindness feels great.

I have so much to give and share its such a wonderful feeling.

Next week is persistence which remains a constant but needs a focussed boost as a helpful reminder.

Each day begins refreshed another opportunity to have the best day ever…….


Week 15-seek and you will find

The positive actions for this week are proving to be immensely productive to keep myself moving forwards and committed to new pathways.

I use the gratitudes first thing in the morning to set my day on track and the good memories are so motivating and generally about warm sunshine and mountain walks in the warm sunshine-there is a common theme here ….

My top virtue is courage and Mark is quite right once I have begun to look for courage it is all around in abundance and so good to see.

Next week is kindness and I have so many good people around me I know this one is going to be abundant too.

This is great …. and once again living proof that thought is the instigator combined with feeling which then becomes a belief.

I am awash with wonderful new adventures at the moment and my phone recording of my future self reporting back still fills me with strength on a daily basis.



Week 14-October Sky

Wow what a fantastic analagy, what a fab inspiration.

This film really emphasised to me the practical hurdles which come along in life and the importance of being sure my goals are solid and being flexible enough to manage the inevitable swell of the sea if you are a determined cork !!

The small amount of time spent each day to commit to the work within pays dividends of at least double to the world without.

Sometimes the answer is no … when I really dont know what next, but I am starting to recognise the feelings associated when the answer has to be no.

I am of course keeping a watchful balance with short and long term planning and recognising the overall plan to be achieved.

This really helps in day to day reality because I can justify why….and have solid reasons for the steps necessary.

Its all astounding stuff on a daily basis and one more step towards the changes in my life which I am steering with careful thought !

Week 13-Flash card reminders

The flash cards have worked wonders this week as i read through them at least twice a day to reinforce all the positivity i can muster.

I really need to commit more time to the sit and focus on using it to slow things down to a useful pace.

Some of my goal times are having to be adjusted as new demands enter my day to day-nothing major but sensibility prevails as i give myself a realistic time frame and ease back on that throttle-slowly slowly catch the monkey !